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(Please note recent changes are recorded in BOLD)


  1. All games in the Leagues will be played according to the rules set by FIBA. Followed by SDSBA and the Hampshire Colleges Basketball Association.


  1. Remember that it is 3 points for a win, 1 for a loss, and none for an unplayed game.  It is the responsibility of BOTH schools to send in the results to the website within 7 days of the date set for the fixture.  If no result is sent in within 7 days of the date of the fixture the game will be awarded 20-0 to the away team.


  1. Postponed games - In the event of a match being postponed, it is important that the game is re-arranged immediately with 3 dates being offered by the opposing school.The defaulting school must meet one of these 3 dates offered or forfeit the game 20-0.  We do not really want games awarded 20-0 as it is more important for the pupils to play.(Resolution at AGM 2009) In addition, it is the responsibility of the HOME side to inform the website manager of any postponement ASAP or a 20-0 loss will be administered to the away team. (Resolution at AGM 2015)  The defaulting school must accept one of the three dates offered them within one week of the postponement or lose the game 20-0. (Resolution at AGM 2013)  If postponed or not, if no results are sent in, games will be awarded 20-0 until we hear otherwise. (Resolution at AGM 2016)


  1. The 1994 AGM passed a resolution strongly recommending the playing of man-to-man defence in all Un14 League games. Whilst that was not a rule, it was hoped that all Coaches would encourage this good practice, which in turn encourages players to develop their individual skills - re-affirmed at each AGM. It is now an EB ruling in 2009 that ZONE DEFENCES can only be played at U/16 level and above.  It is expected that all schools will now adhere to this rule.


  1. Pupil Referees: a resolution was passed allowing pupils to referee school league games on behalf of teachers, if the following conditions were met:


-The pupil is a qualified Level 1 referee or above.

      -The pupil is refereeing pupils younger than him/her self

-The member of staff from the opposing school is contacted prior to the fixture and is    in full agreement.


  1. The 1997 AGM passed a resolution to allow Schools to play an "A" and "B" team in the same League as long as seven strongest players were nominated for the "A" team and were not selected at any time for the "B" team.                                                                         


  1. The 1998 AGM passed a resolution to adopt the ESBBA guideline on full-court pressure defence, which is as follows: "Coaches are encouraged not to use full court pressure defence to demoralise teams that are already clearly beaten. As a rough guideline we recommend a 25-30 point margin as indicating a significant difference in the abilities of the teams; to continue to press in those circumstances serves no purpose, other than demoralise the opposition, to the detriment of the game."                                                                                          

The above resolution confirms that teams can play full court pressure defence. Indeed this is a skill which makes basketball what it is. The whole team or individual members of it may play defence in the front court. Players do not have to retreat and allow the opponent to get the ball to mid-court but will be expected to do so if they lead by 25 or more points.





  1. Regarding the FIBA rules regarding size of balls


             U13 Boys Size 6               U12 Girls Size 5    

           U14 Boys Size 6               U13 Girls Size 5

           U16 Boys Size 7               U14 Girls Size 5

           U19 Boys Size 7               U16 Girls Size 6

                                                     U19 Women Size 6



     9a    In 2006 the Committee has adopted the ‘Sporting Code of Conduct for Schools’  

            which should be followed by coaches, players, officials, parents and supporters.  

            Could teachers make all parties aware of the recommendations set out in this Code.      


     9b    In the event of a reported incident the Disciplinary Committee will consist of the Chairman, Secretary, Competitions Secretary, Treasurer and other named committee members.  The Appeals Committee will consist of EB Rep Cliff Fullbrook plus others co-opted by him. Details can be seen in the updated Constitution of 9th July 2018.



  1. Timing of games – It is desirable that all schools play to the normal FIBA timing regulations. However, where this is not possible, the 2009 AGM passed the following resolution: The rules for games played under running clock conditions are as follows. There should be four ten minute periods with the clock stopping for time-outs, substitutions and, if possible, free-throws. In addition the clock must be stopped during the last 2 minutes of the game as if the game were under normal FIBA timing rules. In the absence of a visual clock an audible signal to the referees and players from the table officials to indicate the time remaining in each quarter would be helpful, especially at 2 minutes, 1 minute and 30 seconds.


11.There have been introduced new FIBA court markings concerning the shape of the zone - reshaping the restricted area (lane) from a trapezoid to rectangle, extending the three-point line and adding a no-charge zone under the hoop.  While these are impractical to insist on at the present time it would be useful to inform your authorities if they are to repaint the markings in your sports hall.  The changes can be found on the English Basketball website. 


12.If any school appoints as a coach or referee a person other than a member of staff or pupil that person must be:

  • DBS checked (ie. Disclosure Baring Service, was CRB)
  • Have an BE coaching qualification
  • Be registered as a coach through BE.

             (Resolution at AGM 2013 and updated 2015)


  1. In past seasons special permission had been given for girls to play in boys’ teams but the 2017 AGM determined that this was no longer acceptable due to new rules concerning Child Protection.  With this permission now being withdrawn it was suggested that schools should set up girls teams as leagues are already provided or, if that was not possible, for individual girls be directed towards joining National League youth squads outside of school.


Release date: 28th November 2018
Submitted by: Cliff Fullbrook, 1487 Views

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