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Basketball England has taken the decision to cancel all affiliated basketball activity for the remainder of the 2019/20 season because of the coronavirus pandemic.
This action has been taken in consultation with the BBL, WBBL, Basketball Scotland and Basketball Wales, BUCS and the AoC Sport and comes in light of increased measures to fight the spread of the virus issued by government on Monday.
It means the following activities are cancelled:
• Basketball England’s leagues; NBL, affiliated Local Leagues, Jr. NBA, the EABL, WEABL and ABL Finals, the Dynamik National Schools competitions.
• England national team activity, talent programmes including Aspire, Basketball England education courses.
Basketball England insurance
Basketball England has cancelled all basketball activity for the 2019/20 season, or until further notice for activities which do not run to a set seasonal schedule. Individuals and clubs will NOT be covered under Basketball England insurance whilst this is in place, as any activity will be unsanctioned by the governing body. The following activity has been cancelled which means it will no longer be covered by Basketball England insurance until further notice:
• NBL senior and junior fixtures and events
• BE affiliated local league activity, games and events
• The running, delivery and attendance of BE courses
• All Girls campaign ambassador activity
• Slam Jam activity
• Jr. NBA activity
• Satellite club activity
• Dynamik National Schools competition
As the decision to cancel activity has also been taken by the BBL, WBBL, Basketball Scotland and Basketball Wales, plus other affiliated competitions run by the AoC and BUCS, there is currently no sanctioned basketball activity taking place in the UK.
Should a competition be re-arranged by another organisation that involves Basketball England members (players, officials, coaches, team managers and/or bench personnel) please contact us to make sure that the competition is sanctioned and therefore covered by Basketball England's insurance.
What does this mean for the HCSA League?
Having discussed with our chairman this is the decision:
The league table will stand as of 18 March 20
Mens Div 1 19/20
Champions Itchen College A
Runners Up Brockenhurst Men’s
Mens Div 2 19/20
Champions Itchen College B
Runners Up Portsmouth Men
Ladies League 19/20
Champions Itchen College Ladies
Runners Up Farnborough


Bev Guymon MVP Men and Women 19/20
Div 1 Men
Kabila Griffiths Brockenhurst Mens
Div 2 Men
S Booth Alton
Ladies League
Jess Blandford Itchen Ladies
The HSCA Cup competition
As the men’s cup has only got one finalist this competition is cancelled
For the ladies cup the finalists are known and to be fair on both colleges and that players will change for next season
This cup will also be cancelled.
We hope that all colleges and players keep’s themselves safe and well.

HSCA Comp Sec and Fixture Sec

Release date: 19th March 2020
Submitted by: Cliff Fullbrook, 951 Views

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